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TherapyMantra is here to help you on your path to recovery from teen issues. We match you with the best teen therapists available 24/7 via video call or messages.

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My child was always a distant child. I never knew what was the reason for it. Then TherapyMantra came into his life. It not only helped him to gain confidence but also helped him gain self-importance. It helped my child in his new journey. 



There are many factors that can cause problems for teenagers. A major issue is peer pressure. Children may also experience difficulties at home or school with family members or teachers. Other common issues include bullying/social rejection, academic struggles, low self-esteem—and feelings of depression and anxiety

Some signs teens might be suffering from teen issues include: acting differently than normal; withdrawing from friends or activities they once enjoyed; deteriorating grades in school; missed classes without a valid reason (ex: doctor’s appointments); sudden loss of interest in favorite hobbies/activities.

If you suspect your teen is struggling with issues, it’s important to bring up the subject in a non-confrontational manner. Communicate that you care about them and want to help if they are having problems. You can then offer guidance or refer them to professional counseling services for more information/assistance.

Yes! The conversations that take place during therapy are confidential. No information will be shared without your permission.

If your teen resists going to counseling, it’s important to remain supportive and understanding. You can explain why you think therapy would be beneficial and offer to go with them to the first session. If your teen still doesn’t want to go, you can try seeking counseling for yourself or finding a therapist who will work with adolescents without their parents present.

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