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TherapyMantra is here to help you on your path to recovery from OCD. We match you with the best OCD therapists available 24/7 via video call or messages.

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Our online sessions are 90% less expensive than in-person therapy, available 24/7.

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We offer ongoing OCD support through self-care tools, OCD help videos, chat groups, meditations, breathing exercises, and other resources.

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Wondering if it’s just a phase or something more? Take our Free online OCD test to find out?

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I was a 22 years old guy suffering from Major OCD. Therapy Mantra came into my life and helped me a lot in recovering from my issues. I took OCD counseling from Therapy Mantra which helped me overcome these issues and let me live a better life



Some common symptoms of OCD include constant thoughts that won’t go away, repeated actions over and over again, unable to do things because you feel like you have to do it a certain way, feeling uncomfortable when your body doesn’t feel right.

Yes, OCD is curable. With the help of a therapist who specializes in this type of disorder, people can learn how to manage their symptoms and get back to living their life.

This will depend on the type of therapy that is given. Some therapies only require a few sessions, while others may require more visits. The therapist will be able to tell you how many times they think you will need to come.

The therapist and the person with OCD will work together to get rid of the thoughts and feelings that are causing them problems. The therapist will also give them strategies to use when they have these thoughts or feelings. Therapies prove to be very beneficial for people who have OCD.


Take a free OCD assessment today! Know how you feel.

The assessment is meant to help individuals gain insight into their potential symptoms and experiences of OCD, which can include persistent and intrusive thoughts, repetitive behaviors or rituals, and high levels of anxiety. By taking the assessment, individuals may be able to better understand their experiences and seek appropriate treatment or support.

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