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TherapyMantra is here to help you on your path to recovery from Family issues. We match you with the best counseling therapists available 24/7 via video call or messages.

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Our online sessions are 90% less expensive than in-person therapy, available 24/7.

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We offer ongoing family counseling support through self-care tools, Counseling help videos, chat groups, meditations, breathing exercises, and other resources.

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I was initially hesitant about the idea of family counseling, but I’m so grateful that we took the leap. Our therapist created a safe and supportive space where we could all share our feelings and perspectives openly. Through therapy, we were able to work through longstanding conflicts and build stronger, healthier relationships with each other. Our family is now more connected and resilient than ever before, and I highly recommend family counseling to anyone seeking to improve their relationships.



Family counseling is a form of therapy that focuses on improving communication and resolving conflicts within a family unit. It typically involves a licensed therapist who works with family members to identify and address specific issues affecting the family dynamic

Family counseling can benefit families of all shapes and sizes, including blended families, adoptive families, and families with children of different ages. It can be helpful for families experiencing conflict, communication difficulties, behavioral problems, or major life transitions.

In family counseling sessions, you can expect to work with a therapist who will guide you through discussions and exercises aimed at improving communication and resolving conflicts. Sessions may be focused on specific issues or may be more open-ended, depending on the needs of the family.

While it’s ideal for all family members to attend counseling sessions, it’s not always necessary. Depending on the issues being addressed, some sessions may involve just a few family members or even just one individual. However, the more family members who participate, the more effective the therapy is likely to be.


Take a free Family Counseling Assessment today! Know how you feel.

Take our free Family Counseling Assessment today to gain insight into your family dynamic and identify potential areas for growth and improvement. Our assessment is a valuable tool designed to help you better understand your family’s strengths and weaknesses, and take positive steps towards building a stronger, healthier family unit.

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